GoFundMe Fundraiser Update

17 May 2017

Thanks to our generous donors, we have reached our FIRST GOAL of $2,500 to fund our May 2017 Awareness Efforts! Our Top Donors for the first and second phase of our campaign have received great gifts thanks to DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Opera Mariposa and Finlandia Pharamacy.


Help us reach our second and final goal of $10,000

 It takes ME and FM patients an average of 5-7 years to get a diagnosis. Why? Because most health care practitioners haven't even heard of the illnesses, let alone learnt about them during their long years of education and training.

The ME/FM Society of BC's goal is to place educational brochures into every medical office and lab in the province, arming patients with information to take to their doctors.

Information=diagnosis=medical and financial support

Help us get there.
All donations appreciated, whether $5, $50 or $500! Every dollar counts.

Great gifts for TOP DONORS!

In appreciation of the donors who give the highest amounts between May 12th and June 12th, 2017, we are pleased to offer the following gifts, which have been generously donated to the Society:

Top Tier: For Donations of $300 or higher:

Second Tier: For Donations of $200 or higher:

Third Tier: For Donations of $150 or higher:

   Fourth Tier: For Donations of $100 or higher: