Support Groups

Self-help groups can play an important role in assisting a person with ME or FM by helping them discover local resources they can access to help manage their condition(s), learn coping and management techniques from others with the condition(s), and very importantly, help ease the loneliness and isolation that can result from living with a debilitating and chronic illness.

If you, or someone you care about, has ME and/or FM, the MEFM Society of BC wants to help.  Please contact us for more information and assistance in finding a self-help group in your area.

Also, if you already run or know of a self-help group for people with ME and/or FM and would like to make your contact information available for people in your area who might be interested in joining your group, please contact us and we will add you to our list of community resources.


The MEFM Society of BC does not manage or monitor the independent support groups that operate throughout BC for people with ME and/or FM.  The MEFM Society of BC is not responsible for the information that is shared by the support groups, even if we provide their contact information to you, nor is the MEFM Society of BC responsible for how the information may be used by the recipient. Always consult your medical practitioner before taking or attempting any treatment for ME and/or FM.

Support Group Links

The MEFM Support Group (Vancouver)
Fibromyalgia Wellspring Foundation

Online Support Groups
Phoenix Rising : A Community Forum is accessible to members, providing Chat, Emotional Support, and a Community Lounge

On FACEBOOK there are many support groups, including: